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October 2, 2011
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All my life I have believed
That courage was only for the strong.

All my life I have believed
That bravery was only found in hearts of gold.

All my life I have believed
That I could not be one of them.

I could not be a hero,
I could not be a fabled legend.

I could not be the damsel in distress,
I could not be a knight in my own castle.

I could not be a survivor,
Could not be a fighter.

Today I realized I am what I choose to be.
I am me.

Today I realized I can be whatever I want to be.
I am me.

Today I realized courage is for the ones
Who face their fears when their hearts quiver.

Yesterday I thought I would only ever be weak,
One of the needy, the clingy, the undefended.

Yesterday I thought I would never be needed,
One of the unloved, one of the lonely.

Yesterday I thought I would walk into the dark,
A lost hope, a soul who gave up, never known to anyone.

Tomorrow I will be a hero,
I will be the hero of my own story.

Tomorrow I will be a wanderer,
One who walks through the lonely dark, yet still knows happiness.

Tomorrow I'll save the weak of heart,
And teach them all that they too can be heroes,

And those who do not wish to help them,
May dwell in their own shadows.

And those who refuse to make a difference,
Can mourn the life they never had.

And those who can't see the light at the end,
Will forever remain blind.

Right now I'm realizing what I've got is gold,
I'm realizing I don't need anyone's approval.

Right now I'm realizing that by teaching you,
I'm teaching myself.

Right now I'm walking away, and it hurts,
But I know it's just another form of teaching you to be strong.

Right now I am a hero,
Right now I'm saving you by leaving.

Life is hard, that I can't deny,
It will break you, burn you, toss you away.

Life is harsh, that I know for sure,
It will pound you with iron fists, relentless.

Life is kind, because it's teaching you to be strong,
It will hurt you, but it will heal you, and your heart will become brave.

All my life I have believed
That courage was only for the strong.

All my life I have believed
That bravery was only found in hearts of gold.

All my life I have believed
That I could not be one of them.

Now I know I have courage,
I have a heart not of gold, but of diamonds.

Now I know I am brave,
I face my fears when I want to run away.

Now I know that I am one of them.
I am me.
This, I actually wrote just now, and I'm quite proud of it. It doesn't rhyme, it might not flow well, but I am confident I've gotten my message across.

This poem is based on what I used to believe, not so long ago, perhaps only a year ago or so, and then through much contemplation, force, and work, revised my thoughts, my beliefs, until I am what I am today.

Part of this poem refer to a girl I used to know, and the difficult friendship we not so long ago had, and how I would used to tell her much of what was in this poem. I was always telling her, think posotive, and you can manifest a better day. I was always saying, believe and you can do. It was a hard friendship, a very strained one, for while I cared for her like a sister, I didn't trust her. We fought often, because we are both strong, bold, unruly sorts of people, and this clashed us against each other. One day, she crossed the last line, and I realized everything I'd told her wasn't going to get through to her, because she knew she could depend on me for everything.
So, I left her behind, not only in moving away, but...forever.
It was a hard thing to do, and while I realize you probably don't want to read this, I sort of need to vent. XD XD

So, I guess you could say that this poem is everything I've realized over the last couple years, and everything I tried to teach her.
And then the last lesson I taught her by walking away: you have to stand on your own two feet.

Oops. That got really long. XD I apologize for ranting way to long, part of this was me trying to explain what this poem was about, and why it's so long, and then I just sort of started venting.

I actually started writing this for a writing contest in InkedAnonymous, which is supposed to center around a realization that changed your ideals/thoughts, so...this is it. XD
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DriteAltia Dec 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. :D
DriteAltia Oct 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, Crazyone222. :D
Crazyone222 Oct 4, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Powerful and evocative piece! :clap:
DriteAltia Oct 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much, LOKIforDREAMS, I'm very glad you like it. <3
LOKIforDREAMS Oct 3, 2011  Student Writer
*applauds* Brava!
DriteAltia Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much, Maia. That means a lot. <333
It's funny, I didn't ever really think that anyone would have the same views as me, but now that I think about it, there are probably a lot of people, teenagers in particular, who feel the same way.
Thank you so much, Maia. <33
Leap-of-Faythe Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
^This. This poem. Is me. That rant. Is me. You have read my thoughts, and you have done what I've been trying to do for a few weeks now. I cannot top this. This...this is a masterpiece.

You are amazing. Insta-fave!!!
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